Friday, September 26, 2014

Funky Friday

Ouch...typing hurts!

My hands are bleeding all over...well, it feels like it. I just finished painting the living room and it looks awesome!

I will have before and after photos for a blog post next week. I really, really like it and really, really hope Jalon likes it too...although, will it matter? Probably not.

I had to paint fast today, since the twins are only in school for a few hours in the morning, and I didn't want any extra help from them when they arrived home.

Things went perfectly!

Now, we are going to go hunting for a table I want for the living room in hopes that I will find exactly what I need, in the exact size and style I'm looking for.

Yeah, I'm guessing that won't go as perfect...

Here's a quick update on my day yesterday:

Went to a garage sale with the twins.
Walked up (hoping to find that magic table) and noticed there wasn't much I wanted.
However, the older lady noticed I had 2 young kids.
I saw an evil glint set into her eyes as she picked up a giant toy car and handed it to my son.
Apparently, she was using my kids as a way to sell her junk.
I was petrified.
She could smell my fear and smiled in a knowing way.

But then, this happened:
Declan told her, "No thank you." He just walked away and ignored her.

Color me shocked.
The lady looked stunned as well.
She then picked up a toy doll and showed it to Morgan,
"Do you like dolls, sweetie?"
"My Mommy said no toys." Morgan told her.

I think I stood there with my mouth gaping open for a few seconds before recovering.
The lady sat back down, defeated and slightly amazed.

As I glanced at her shocked expression I gave her a look that said, "That's right.
I've trained them well."
Or it might have been the threat of "no treats ever again if you touch anything" beforehand that did it.
I'm going with good parenting.
Gotta take it when I can get it.
After that, I rewarded them both with this rubber ball thing that has a handle to sit on and bounce.
Pretty fun.
Until it smacks the back of your head when your driving...
I was straightening my hair yesterday and didn't notice that my kids left a mess around my sink that morning while getting ready for school.
I really need to pay more attention to certain details.
Like where I put my hair straightener in the morning.
Otherwise I iron toothpaste into my hair.
Smells nice and minty now.
Just what I wanted...

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  1. How dare that mom try to peddle her children's old toys to your kids directly! I thought there was some kind of "adult decency code" that she would have thought better.
    ...meh, consider the toothpaste extra heat protectant.


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