Tuesday, September 9, 2014

These Crazy, Lazy Days of September

It's been awhile.

Like a full year.

What have I been doing this whole time?

Well, let's play a quick game of catch up. I wrote a book. A crappy one. But it's over 50,000 words I created from my own head. That should really tell you something about how crappy it is.

My 3 kids still drive me insane on a daily basis. Although, I get more time to myself now that they have school everyday. More time to do useful things...like binge on Netflix and iced coffee. Totally important keys to maintaining my sanity.

We have a guinea pig, named gus-gus, that is getting neglected about as much as the kids do. Fair is fair, after all.

I didn't really realize how much time children really consume during the week. With school, baths, homework, feeding schedules (yes, apparently, they do eat. Constantly.), dance classes, swim lessons, pioneer club, church and time for fun things*.

Our week is jam packed full of crap I really don't want to do. But I know if I don't do these things, my kids will run me into the ground with their constant whining about how "bored" they are. (Try the word "bored" on my parents, see where it gets you. Within seconds of saying that word, you will have a to-do list as long as your arm of all the cleaning/horrible chores you will need to do.) The more I can wear them out during the day, the better my chances are for some peace and quiet at night.

Is it worth it?

No clue yet. It all starts tonight. I'll let you know.

When I was on break from writing, I decided to try a video blog on Youtube. Yeah...that didn't last long. Turns out, no one likes to be on camera. Except for my 7 year old, who used the opportunity to showcase his many talents, like break dancing. Feel free to check out that video here:


I took a minor detour in my normal Mom life to have an adventure in pin-up modeling. I had so much fun. Will continue to do it, just for fun...but it's not something I want to really do long term or as an actual job. Turns out pin-up models that like to keep their clothes fully on aren't in high demand. Shucks.

Yeah, that's my flat bottom. God made me that way.
I think he misheard me when I asked for a flat stomach...
I really just like to play dress-up and pin-up modeling gives me an actual reason to do so. Although, you should really see the looks I get going grocery shopping with the hair-do.
I do believe that's all I have. It's a crazy life, but it's mine and I'm trying to love all aspects of it.
The book I finished last November/December, is the same book I'm working on editing now. I'm trying to make it go from complete total crap to totally awesome in just a few months. I really have my work cut out for me...
I am also going to try to do more on here. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it all.

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