Thursday, September 18, 2014

Epic Nightmares

I'm 33 years old and still have some pretty awesome nightmares.
Sometimes, they involve gore, murder, ghosts, creepy monsters or stalkers. (I happen to have a great imagination.)
Sounds pretty scary right?
Nothing has scared me as much as the ones I've had the past two nights.
It's the same nightmare. On repeat. I think I'm going crazy.
Want me to describe it to you?
*Warning* This is an actual dream scenario I'm describing to you. I'm just giving you a heads up, in case you scare easily.
It's Halloween Night.
We are preparing to go Trick-or-Treating.
When suddenly, I realize, we have NO COSTUMES!!!
I panic, running around the house, screaming at my husband to help me. I NEED to find costumes. How did I forget? How did we get this far in the month already?! Was I in a coma and woke up on Halloween night?
If we don't have costumes, there will be no trick-or-treating. You know what that means?
That's about the time I wake up, sweat soaked, checking my cell phone for the date so I didn't actually miss Halloween.
Yup. That's my nightmare. Weird, huh?
Apparently, Halloween is stressing me out.
I have no idea why.
We already know what we're going as.
That's right- The Avengers!
Evan picked Ironman, Declan wants to be Captain America and Jalon is going, reluctantly, as the Hulk.
My daughter and I are arguing over who gets to be Black Widow.
Seriously, my hair is already red, I should win by default.
And, I have hips.
But my 4 year old is putting up quite the fight.
Maybe I can change her mind by convincing her that Elsa (from Frozen) is temporarily in The Avengers?
Meh. I might just have to settle for being Loki.
(My 4 year old can be quite tough when she wants to be...)

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  1. LOVE this group idea! my inner comic book nerd finds me compelled to mention that there *are* other lady avengers... Scarlet Witch (who will be in the next avengers movie), Ms. Marvel (who should truly have her own movie already), or you could be an awesome wife and go as She-Hulk?


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