Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Monday. That's all I have. I'm done.

I know I keep promising a post about my recent living room update, but the truth is, it's not done yet.

Patience people.

I will post it by Friday, whether it's done or not. I do love it so far, so that's promising. I needed my dear spouse to hang some stuff for me and apparently he has a life outside this DARE he!

So I have to also be patient and wait for him to put stuff up for me.

Because if I do it on my own, things get out of hand. I drew an example of our "slight" differences when hanging items up on the walls.

This is his version.
To sum it up-uses every tool and takes forever.
Although, things do get put up straight...

My version.
Grab whatever tool that looks similar to a hammer, because I misplaced all other hammers in different areas of the house months ago while hanging other items.
Eyeball the measurements like a normal human.
I'm a natural at this eyeball technique. Works almost never.
Slam the tool into my hand, repeatedly, until bleeding profusely and fingers start falling off.
Hang picture and relax, bleeding out, while wondering if anyone will notice that the product is very crooked.
Maybe I can blame it on an those happen in Minnesota?
As you can clearly see, patience is probably the best idea here.
Now I better get going, because important work is waiting for me.
Like laundry. It's piled up so high, the spiders have filed a petition to get their neighborhood back. And my son told me he would help me when he gets home from know it's getting bad when your kids start offering to help you.
And I have a gumball machine to fill. Seriously, important work to be done here. There are so many choices! It has to be delicious but not TOO delicious or I'll just sit here and eat it all. The good thing about locking it into a gumball machine is the fact that we have to pay a quarter to get the treat out. I never have money and the kids don't like me stealing from their piggy banks for my treat fix.
Happy Monday!

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