Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thrilling Thursday Adventures. Almost...

I'm redoing my living room at the moment, so this is going to be brief.

I have been pulling out nails, patching up the holes, putting up tape and painted all the edges so far.

But because of all this going on in our main living space, we've had to push all the furniture to the middle of the room.

Not a huge problem in my book, considering it's for maybe 3 days total...however, my husband thinks I'm doing this purely to torture him.

That's just a bonus. Normally I have to go out of my way to make him miserable. I must be getting better at it.

I love the look of it so far and can't wait to be done with it.

Some people are asking us, "Why are you updating your living room?"

I have many reasons. Here are a few:

1. There was once poop smeared on the wall. Washing it off only made it look weird. I could always see that spot out of the corner of my eye. It stood out to me. And knowing there was once poop smeared across there, just made it worse.

2. There was once pen scribbled across another wall. Washing it off turned that part of the wall yellow (instead of the brown it should have been).

3. Everything in the entire room was brown. Slightly different shades/variations of the color brown, but it reminded me of dirty diapers and made me depressed.

4. It's our main area of living and it needed a little cheering up.

5. There were random spots/holes in the wall from previous owners that were driving me crazy! It was time to cover it all up, finally.

So there.

With all of our furniture in the middle of the room, we can't plug in devices and use them at the same time. Not a problem here. That's why I have a television.

My poor husband, however, realized he couldn't play his game (Clash of Cans? Ha. I know what it's called. But I bet this would be more amusing) while his iPad charged up. So this was his position last night:

I was crocheting and watching Dr. Who.
He was playing his game and fast-forwarding through the commercials for me.
Such a dear.
Although, he was rather inattentive and I had to sit through some scary commercials...
Not a fan of this time of year when all the scary movies start coming out.
Stupid scary doll one is the worst.
Stop it people.
As if I wasn't scared of dolls enough...
One another note, I tried making lemonade today (Crystal light, in case you were wondering), and, as I added water to it, I started to wonder if I picked out tea instead.
This was my water straight from the faucet.
I'm guessing the city is working on the fire hydrants in our area...but a little warning wouldn't hurt.
Brown lemonade is just not appetizing.
That's all I have.
Better get back to work.
The room won't paint itself.
Maybe if I had a creepy possessed doll it would?

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  1. holy cow. you had me at #1. done, paint please. can't wait to see the finished product!


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