Friday, March 1, 2013

8 O'Clock P.M. = Uncontrollable Cravings

8:00 p.m. is probably one of the hardest times for me to remain faithful to my new diet.

Why 8:00 p.m.?

Because of these:

1. The kids are asleep, so I don't have to share.
2. I can relax...and not share.
3. I can eat in the living room....and not share.
4. I can eat as much as I want and don't have to share.
5. I can bust out the REALLY good treats...and not share.


Very good reasons.

But now, after removing treats from my daily routine, 8:00 p.m comes around, my stomach has been protesting...loudly.

There's a part of me that's all, "Let's just eat it so it's not in the house anymore. Next time you go to the store, don't buy anymore treats." Suuuuuuuurrre.

I wrote a poem, just because I wanted to. Actually, it sounded a little more "rap" like in my head.

Standin' in the kitchen
in my bare feet.
Just started my diet,
but I'm cravin' a treat.

I tried talkin' to my tummy,
"NO tummy, we don't need to snack.
You are getting really jiggly,
and there's a new roll on my back."

But then tummy growls and rumbles,
putting up one heck of a fight.
"Listen up girl, feed me a cookie,
and I won't bother you again tonight."

I spot the bucket O' cookies,
the snack cakes galore.
Maybe the calories don't count,
if I lick the kids leftovers off the floor?

How desperate am I
for one tasty little treat?
Really Danielle? The floor?
That's where we put our nasty feet.

Who decided to buy all this sugar?
Who needs all this junk?
I need to break free of this kitchen
Or I'm going to eat my way out of this funk.

My tummy tries again,
to convince me to cave.
"Just have one tiny cookie,
then I promise I will behave."

"You LIE tummy!
I know that ain't true!
I will eat one cookie,
then come back for two!"

This diet is going to be hard,
a battle I may not beat.
I need to gain some control soon,
or I may lick the floor for a treat.

My husband may put up with a lot
due to marrying me
But this could be the end for him
if he catches me talking to my tummy....

Have a great Friday!


  1. Very cute poem, you crack me up. I am really behind on your blog it will take me awhile to catch up beings I gave up FB back in Feb, but I am back and reading your blog as much as I can before my children start yelling and hurting each other cause I am ignoring them.

    Eating healthy Im trying it too, pop its gone for now, I havent had one in over two weeks, going strong so far, which is pretty amazing if you know anything about me which you may now, Dr. Pepper runs through my viens, so this is a huge feat for me. I also have cut out all white bread, which is also huge I love toast and butter, I love bread and butter, I love bread of any kind, so no white bread, no white rice (by the way not sure if Im doing something wrong but brown rice is really dry, not as good as white rice, not fluffy and yummy) and no white tortillas. I read on this website, that all the white starchy things are baaaaaaad, I read if you want to rid of the belly fat, which I really do, then eat noooooooooo white starches, yes no white bread, mashed, fried, baked or any potato for that matter (so rude) and no white rice, tortillas..... it said if you want to rid the belly fat and actually unviel the abs that may be hiding in there somewhere eat more whole grains, more nuts with no SALT (whats the point really) in moderation, more fruits and lots and lots of veggies..... so Im trying it out! Oh yeah and drink lots of water, if you get hungry after dinner in the later evening hours drink water, thats what it says, guess what it really doesnt do anything for the hungry angry tummy but man I have to peeeeeee alooooooooot! Good luck with the diet, Im right there with ya!

  2. Yeah, my Mom did the same thing to get rid of belly fat, but decided to go gluten free. It was too much. We go through waves of eating healthy and just pure junk. I caved and had a cup of Root Beer the other day, but I'm not going to give in a keep drinking pop again. It's just so bad. That one is sticking for sure.


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