Thursday, February 28, 2013

Catch up time!

Wow. Once again, it's been a LONG time since I've posted.

But here goes:

1. I've decided that I need to start eating healthy again. Every time I decide to start eating healthy, I go crazy after 6 weeks and consume an entire pan of brownies in one sitting. Let's see how long I can make it. But I am going to cut certain things out for good. Like pop. I know...I keep saying this, and one of these days I will actually stick to it. I have cut down, like 3 cans a week, but it's not enough. I just crave bubbles every now and then, it's not the caffeine. The Crystal Light energy packets work wonderfully. I think my teeth are vibrating due to the amount of caffeine I've consumed today.

2. Time to start potty training the twins. Every time I try to start this, I freak out. Bleh. I hate this part. But I've signed them up for preschool that will start next fall and they need to be fully potty trained. Some of you are thinking, "Fully potty trained in 6 months? How hard can that be?" You've never met my children. So we are off to Target today to load up on all our "supplies". Stickers, mini- toys, poster board, and M&M's. Be ready for potty training posts.

3. I'm almost ready to open up an Etsy store with all the things I've created. Stay tuned for that one. I'm going to say 2-3 weeks...depending on how much time I spend crafting. I just checked out an entire bag of books from the library. I'm not great with time management. Plus, my Sims need me! Sims = Sims Free Play on the Ipad.

4. My last item is about ADD. I'm pretty open about who I am and try not to lie about the kind of person I am. My husband and I were doing research on ADD for my younger son, just to prepare ourselves and see what the signs were so we are ready for the future. Then my husband found signs of ADD in adults. As he read them off to me, it started off pretty funny because I met quite a few of those, but after a bit we realized that it was a definition of me. So I made an appointment to see a doctor and took my husband with me because I was a little nervous about what she would say. The appointment took a different turn than I had anticipated. I honestly thought she would say I was fine and that if I had the ADD it was easily fixed/controlled. What she said to me was this, "Before we even get to the ADD, we need to get your anxiety and OCD under control. You need to make an appointment to see a psychologist first."

Oops. My OCD? That's...but....I'm fine! I get that I have anxiety, but OCD? Crap. I'm comfortable with those issues, I'm not sure I want them "cured". It's like a warm blanket that you've carried around with you since you were young and now someones telling you that it's time to toss that blanket in the trash and move on with life.


Not happening.

I'm going to this doctors appointment, but I'm keeping my OCD.

They are going to put me on pills, aren't they?

I told my husband that I was glad he's already married to me, because I'm pretty sure that after sitting through that doctor's appointment with me (after describing to the doctor all my "issues") he really wanted to just run away.

My appointment is March 12th. Be prepared for it. Because I'm SO not ready. Part of me knows that they just want to help and help is going to be good...but the other part of me is very nervous for what could come out of this.

Anyway...that's about it. Pretty sure you are caught up on my life.

Lucky you.

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