Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines/recover from flu Day

Valentines day is not something Jay and I really celebrate. I think we both agree that we get each other enough stuff throughout the year because we care, it doesn't need to be one day a year that we show each other that.

That being said, there is something fun about a holiday that I just can't resist. February is just boring, plain, cold February without Valentines Day. And after all this dreary winter, I just need to celebrate SOMETHING.

Unfortunately, we had the stomach flu make it's way through our house. I'm not 100% sure it's completely done with it's tour of our home yet, but I'm going to pretend all is good and try to get on with life.

The stomach flu is pretty bad on its own. But toss in a toddler that may/may not have ADD and you have your hands full. Of vomit.

I think I spent a little time crying and praying in the bathroom, we are in recovery mode. Trying to disinfect, making sure no one is touching someone else and watching the last healthy child like a hawk. It's during this time that my twins feel the need to share EVERYTHING they own with each other. Most days we have fights but now that the flu is here, it's "let's share sippy cups" week at our house.

So I'm sorry if it's been awhile since I've been on. We had a funeral last week, the stomach flu this week, I'm going to need a week just to get back to normal.

So, Valentines Day. I went to the Dollar Tree to see if I could find some fun things for the twins to do (this was well before the flu hit) and discovered these fun Valentines:


Instructions look simple. So I did exactly what was stated and planted it right in the middle of the living room so the twins could both see what was going to happen. What I failed to realize was that there are more instructions hiding on the bag. So I was sitting there watching the exterior bag get bigger and bigger, because the balloon inside was straining against the plastic. I knew that this was one huge explosion waiting to happen.

The ACTUAL instructions tell you to "smack the bag", "SHAKE THE BAG" and throw it quickly on the ground far away from you. Nice. Kind of like a grenade. Seems safe.

I decide to take action and slightly shake my bag, when all of a sudden- BOOM!

Magical balloon sitting in the middle of our living room...along with my bowels.

The kids loved it. The balloon, that is. They didn't notice Mommy huddled in the corner, shaking like a dog during a thunderstorm.

Happy Valentines Day! Here's a Valentine that is so romantic it will stop your heart. From beating. Forever.

Be warned.


It's pretty cute though and the kids are having fun with their Valentines. Worth a dollar. I have 2 more bombs to set off and I think I'll save those for Jalon.

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