Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Terrifical Tuesday (with pictures!)



Yesterday, when I picked Evan up from school, the first thing he said to me was, "Mommy! Guess what? I can speak Spanish! BONJOUR!"

Ooooh so close.

He also told me this the other day:

Evan: "Mommy, I'm going to try to stop growing."
Me: "Why would you want to do that?"
Evan: "Because you said you were sad I was getting too big to sit on your lap, so I'm going to stay little for you."
Me: *tear*

I don't have a ton today, but I do have quite a few pictures that I would LOVE to share.

So prepared to be bored.

First up:

Jay and I took Evan bowling the other day.
I'm not sure why we thought this was a great idea...it was pretty boring.
Maybe it's just me...but I'm not a fan of bowling.

Here's how Jay bowls.
He's into it.
Even though we had the bumpers up because of Evan, he did pretty good.

I, however, needed the bumpers more than Evan did.
I used them like people use the sides when playing pool.
My score was higher than normal because of this.
I'm much better at Wii bowling.
Sidenote: I did not realize that's how I looked from behind. Oofta. Is that seriously my butt? Kind of looks like my back wants to keep going. Good thing I have pants on or else you would have never guessed where my back ended and my butt started.

A cute high five.
It may have been planned, but I still find it cute.
The next selection of shots:
Morgan, from calm, sweet child, reading to her doll to "Go away, I'm going to be sad now."
She was so cute, pointing out pictures and reading to her Doc McStuffins doll.

Then the book wouldn't stay up on it's own.

Since the book was acting up, the world was going to explode. 

She was quite depressed about this...

Even put down her doll so she could be properly depressed.

I even tried to fix the book for her, but I was too late.
She had already sunk down into a deep pit of despair.

She's down and out.
No tears for this one though.
That actually requires her to exert energy.
She doesn't waste energy on tantrums, usually.
They look like this.
Until you try to touch her...
I spent the entire day cleaning yesterday.
I was beat.
But I did take breaks and during those breaks, we decided to sing and dance.
When we sing and dance, we really get into it.
Really, really into it.
And because Mommy was singing into a microphone, they needed one too.
Wii remotes make GREAT microphones.

Really getting into it.
We were singing along to Glee.

Morgan focusing pretty hard.

She can't really dance and sing at the same time.
She mainly focused on singing right into her microphone.
Too cute.
The Stay At Home Mom life is pretty hard sometimes.
Although, it's not all fun and games.
I cleaned for about 6 hours yesterday.
Now I'm constantly walking behind the kids in an effort to keep it cleaned up for as long as possible.
Like shoveling during a blizzard...why do we even bother?


  1. No one looks good from that angle, especially bent over mid-bowl. And actually, first thing I thought was that your sweater is cute. Is that weird? whatever, your sweater is cute.

    1. You have a valid point. But I still want to run a few 100 laps or do something to give myself a butt.

      But thanks on the sweater! I bought it at Kohls...in the junior section. It's supposed to go over stretch pants, but I rarely wear those out in public.


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