Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I finally finished it.

I started a project, wayyyy back in 2011. Had a goal to finish it in 2012.

Today, in 2014, I actually, really, totally finished this project.

How sad is that?

But, I must say, I LOVE IT!

It was supposed to be a gift years ago...but I'm totally keeping it. It's mine. I love it.

Plus, with all my wonky soldering, there's no way someone else would appreciate all the effort I actually put into this.

Here's the post I made back in 2012:


Here are the pictures I just finished taking:

Please excuse my dust.
We live here.

It wasn't supposed to be a candle holder.
It was actually supposed to hang up.
But after so long, I gave up.
It's a candle holder now. 

Please don't mind the wonky-ness of it.
It came from my head.
This turned out pretty good, considering.


I just have to find a home for it!
So glad that project is done.
Now, just 1,000,391 more to go!
Those can wait a few more years...

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