Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Day 3- Things that make you uncomfortable.

Easy. Everything.

At first, I wasn't quite sure how I should take this. But I'm guessing it's not like "Wearing a bra sometimes gets uncomfortable" or "I ate my sadness in the form of a cake and now my pants are uncomfortable and I need more elastic waistbands."

I'm assuming it's probably more like this:

1. Using the bathroom when it's not mine. In restrooms, it's so loud and echo-y. Plus, they are usually below my standards of clean.

One time, when my husband and I were dating for about 6 months, he decided to bring me "home" with him for Thanksgiving. Except, their Thanksgiving took place in the middle of the desert. They called it camping in the "dunes". I called it...something else entirely. Although, I had lots of fun, riding jeeps in the sand dunes, meeting his family and some of his friends.  We were staying with his family in their 5th Wheel trailer. Even though it was very comfy, bathroom visits for me were kind of awkward. When I travel, I get severe stomach issues. It's the most unpleasant thing to experience and it makes you never want to leave your home. One morning, while everyone was still sleeping, I was about to have some "issues" of the explosive nature. There was NO WAY I was going to wake up the entire trailer with that. But, we were smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I took a walk, hoping this would just go away. After a few minutes, I stumbled across a random concrete building with graffiti all over. I opened the door and it was as if heavens light shone down upon this lonely desert and granted me my very own bathroom. I hunkered inside, praying that no one would get curious and open the door. Then ran back to the camp, hoping I could find my way, and never told another person this story. Until now. You're welcome.

2. Anytime I need to remove my clothing at the doctors office. They never really tell you how MUCH to remove. I always either take off too much or not enough. And those paper gowns. Seriously.

3. Going to functions where I'm expected to communicate with conversation. And when I get uncomfortable, I tend to make everyone else uncomfortable with my awkward attempts at being humorous so I can ease my discomfort. And then, because I notice I'm making everyone else uncomfortable, I just stop talking again. It's a vicious cycle.

That's about it. Sorry about the over-sharing with my bathroom story. There's more where that came from! I have lots of uncomfortable stories that occur in bathrooms. But one of them I'm saving for embarrassing moments. Stay tuned! It can only get better from here...right?


  1. LOVE your bathroom story. I'm a bit shy about doing certain things in a bathroom as well. My husband thinks it's funny. Sometimes, it's downright painful. LOL Your conversation thing...I do the same thing, except once I get uncomfortable and realize everyone else is, I talk more, and faster. So I'd be able to deflect it for you! LOL

  2. I totally share your discomfort w/ other people's toilets! When I was a teenager, my friend's parents took us to a biker run at a local campground. I was so uncomfortable using the public poopers, I only peed when I was in the lake and I didn't poop once the entire weekend. *lol* I've learned to bite my lip & take care of business when need be, but if I can hold it, I will.

  3. Oh my god. all of this. 100% agree. I still dislike going on trips with the Mister where we have to share a hotel room, because that little bathroom is within ear shot of the Mister, and I obsessively want to maintain the romantic idea that I don't poop.

  4. TOTALLY on board with all of these, too! And I love your heaven-sent bathroom story! :)

    -Cristyl @

  5. Oh how I love when people overshare bathroom experiences. I would have felt the exact same as you. Trying to use the facilities in a mannerly, non-smelly, quiet way is just painful.

  6. I'm also 100% agreeing with these. I thought perhaps I was the only one that had that problem at the doctor office. There was a great nurse at one of the offices that would specific in an embarrassing, but extremely helpful, way which items to leave on.

  7. Number 2 is SUCH a thing. Your number 2 story...I'm not referencing your bathroom story.


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