Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling Pinterested? Part 2!

It's that time of year again. When I spend waaaayyyy too much time stalking Pinterest like a crazy person, plotting which craft/recipe/idea I'm going to try next.

Due to the large amount of items I have discovered and how often I fail at these, I decided to blog about it. (Because, who doesn't want to laugh at my failures?) This will serve as proof to my husband that I actually make use of the things I've found on Pinterest. Also, it will help me justify the amount of time I've been spending researching all these ideas.

Darn you Pinterest! Darn you...you have sucked me into your world again.

For the next 2 weeks, taking off on Sundays, I will blog daily with a project or 2 that I've decided to tackle.

Most of these ideas are going to be ones I found that will help me dress up my patio/outdoor area, but we are having a birthday party for the twins this coming Sunday, so I'm working on some ideas on Pinterest so I can blog about it. Wish me luck. Our birthday parties are usually, family, dinner, cake, presents and done. Easy peasy. BUT NO LONGER, thanks to Pinterest. (My poor husband...he's probably in tears right now.)

Today is Day 1. I found this on Pinterest:

I could NOT find a website though!
This picture linked to some random search site.
I want to give credit for whoever originally designed this, so if you find them, let me know!
I loved this idea and really wanted it in my garden.
I was going to put it in my backyard, but due to 3 very curious (insanely rambunctious) children, I thought it might survive longer where they don't play.
The side of my house looks sadly neglected.
It doesn't get a lot of water and plants tend not to grow so well.
I wanted to dress it up and thought this would be perfect and easy.
My sad, empty garden area.

I hopped over to our hardware store, purchased pots, spray paint, a bag of dirt and some plants.
Plus the rebar that holds it all steady.

Since there was no actual website, I had to just follow the pictures and hope that it worked out OK.

So far, so good!
I couldn't find the pretty birdbath that was used above and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a big one, so I got creative and just used a planter base that I was going to put water in.
Except, there was no way for that planter base to actually sit on top of that top planter without some sort of glue to help keep everything steady.
Science/physics, laws of nature...blah, blah, blah. My husband tried to explain why it wasn't working and all I could do was point at the picture I found on Pinterest and say, "But, LOOK!"
After working with my husband (working = he won), we decided to just finish it off this way.

I planted flowers and vines inside and I have flowers growing around it.
Good points- Cheap, easy to make. Very cute to look at. I like that it's colorful and unique.
Bad points- I couldn't get the bird bath to work and with no helpful directions/tips, I found it frustrating. Also, when I water the plants, the dirt flows out as well, due to the angles the pots are at. I have to keep filling the pots with more dirt.
I don't call this a fail.
It's so darn cute, despite the bird bath missing and dirt falling out.
It's a keeper.


  1. that did turn out cute! I've had a few friends try this same pin with similar dirt-spilling results. What are you going to do with the "spare parts" bird bath now?

    1. No clue...stupid extra part. That always happened to me when working on aircraft too. Except, I don't think I was supposed to have extra parts then.

      My husband is also wondering what I plan on doing with it and is tired of me wasting money. I will have to do something with it, or my husband will "win" and I can't have that happen. =)


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