Saturday, May 18, 2013

I tried...and I failed.

I thought this blog every day in May thing would be easy...but then I got distracted.

By outside.

It's actually nice out now! Finally...

I'm working on re-doing our patio area and just spaced out with writing because I can't seem to do more than one thing at a time.

Anyway, I noticed that my tree is starting to bloom for Spring and I really wanted to get the kids pictures by it this year.

We weren't doing anything after dinner this evening anyway...

First, I had to dress the kids and make them presentable after a full day of playing in the water and dirt. Then, Jalon brought my bench outside in front of my beautiful tree.

Now all that we had to do was convince 3 children to sit in that bench, look at the camera and smile. All at the same time.

Miracles could happen, right?

I knew better. Really, I did. But I wanted this to happen, so I tried bribing them with jelly beans. I knew that I had maybe 5 minutes before the fit hit the shan. My husband worked behind me, snapping his fingers, being silly and yelling at them to smile (yelling at them to smile-genius). Since it was in our front yard and our neighbors are always out doing things (like vehicle maintenance in our front yard), this task was nearly impossible.

I'm pretty sure my kids thought this was a new game. The rules were like this:

1. Only 2 kids could look at the camera at one time.
2. Only 1 kid can smile per picture.
3. There must be continued attempts to escape the bench.
4. When in doubt, ignore the person yelling your name.

Here are my results:

Not a single good photo here.
Just my kids acting up, as usual.

Don't try or anything.

Seriously, is this a joke?
What are they doing?!?!

Here are the ones I consider OK out of the entire bunch (entire bunch =25 pictures I cannot use. Thank GOD for digital. I would have been pissed to spend $10 on pictures that suck):

What irritates me the most?
I meant to actually obtain photographic evidence of my actual tree blossoms.
All I managed to capture is the neighbors house and their discarded brush/tree branch pile.


  1. I think the center pic in the bottom group is adorable (minus the brush pile, of course!)

  2. I agree, the centre pic is lovely.

    What's that old photographer's saying? - 'Never work with children and animals'. I don't photograph kids but I do photograph animals and that's possibly worse - at least you can tell kids what to do and they might just do it, but with animals there's no chance! lol

  3. Haha! Your kids are so cute though.

  4. I think they're all cute candids, but your family on a whole is beautiful, don't let hte brush pile worry you!


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