Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Random Update that Includes Arm Hair and Cold Feet.

Evan has been bragging lately.
He tells everyone we see.
He's so darn proud and won't stop talking about it.
What is it?
His arm hair.
He's super thrilled about growing long arm hair, just like his daddy.
He told me the other day that he didn't need an umbrella in the rain, because his arm hair is long enough to protect him.
The other night, my feet were frozen (as usual) so they wandered to the other side of the bed, in search of a warm spot to nest in.
My husband, less than thrilled with being the warm spot, squealed and told me to stop.
"Why are your feet so cold all the time?" he asked, after shooing me away.
"I have no clue. But warm them up. It's your job. Pretty sure it was in your vows." I said.
"NO! They feel like their dead."
"Trust me, feels the same here. Now warm them up." I said, pushing my feet back under his knee.
"I think you must have poor circulation or something." He told me, reluctantly allowing me give him chills with my frozen toes.
"Seriously? Why don't you just Google it or something?" I said, JOKINGLY.
But, he had his iPad handy. "It says that sometimes people put their feet over the edge of the bed and that helps with the circulation part."
"NOPE. Can't do that." I said.
"What?! Why not?"
"Duh...monsters." I told him, like he didn't already know. Who actually puts their feet over the edge of the bed? #1 rule of sleeping in a bed, is to never put any body part over the edge because monsters will come and eat it off. Am I the only normal one here?
He thought I was being ridiculous...whatever. 
The ONLY time it's acceptable to allow your foot to hang over the edge of the bed is after a night of drinking too much. You can put one foot on the floor when you lay down so the room doesn't spin. I learned that in the military. I came out of that 8 year enlistment with great advice.
Want to know how potty training is going?
Probably not.
It's going badly.
In fact, they have been getting worse, if that's even possible.
I. Can't. Do. This. Anymore.

That's it for my update.


  1. This post made me laugh. Maybe let the potty train rest for a bit and re start? Depends how far you've come I suppose! I also strongly agree with you on the 'no limbs over the edge of the bed' rule. Silly man haha x

  2. I'm pretty sure if you look up the definition of husband it says 'he who warms the feet'.

    I learned the same lesson in my 8 year Navy stint! The absolute best benefit of having a bottom rack on the ship - it's closer to the floor!

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