Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And then we have days like this.

I figured it was time for an update.

It's been a few days. I had other things planned, but, because I planned them, they were doomed to fail.
Like my potty training week. I had planned on starting on Monday, but I had a child try to throw up on me. All is good, no sickness, but an unusual way to start my day. (I have 2 kids that get "sick" when they go to bed without eating as much as they need to. Or it's acid reflux? We've been trying fix this, but haven't had much success yet.)
I figured I would just give it a go this morning. But then I wake up to this:
My daughters eye was swollen shut.
Completely shut.
Apparently, it's just a reaction to mosquito bites and not a big deal.
You should have seen the faces/reactions when we walked through Target...
if she was older and understood, I would have felt bad for taking her out.
But she just smiled at everyone, like nothing was wrong.
I think the twins planned these events so that I wouldn't potty train them.
The timing is too perfect for coincidence.
Because of all this "stuff" that's taking up my time, I haven't been able to clean the house or finish the laundry. Instead of focusing on potty training, I now have to focus on getting my house back on track.
We had a bonfire the other night and decided to let Evan stay up for a bit, as long as he didn't chat our ears off the entire time.
He just can't help himself. But sometimes he says things that are really funny, so I just let him ramble on and decided to write some of it down, for entertainment purposes.
Evan: "I like it when fire and sticks come together for a party."
I know it's not super funny, but he just cracks me up. Maybe it's because he's mine?
Evan: "Did you say Jedi? I thought I heard you say Jedi? Are there Jedi's here in Minnesota?"
Me: "Yeah, Evan! It's you! You didn't know you were a Jedi?"
Evan: "Is this for real?"
The force is strong in that one.
Evan: "Mommies have to do way more work than Daddies."
Me: "I TOTALLY agree with you!" (Jalon's eyes rolled so hard, the ground shook.)
Evan: "Yeah, daddy just has to go to work and sit there. You have to watch all 3 of us kids!"

I did one last Pinterest project last week.
I made a bowl full of bubbles.
A huge bowl full of super sticky, not long lasting nor magical, bubbles.

The kids did have fun with them.

And they worked just as well as the ones do from the store.
There really is only a few down sides to this recipe:
Corn syrup in the bubbles, makes hair extra crunchy if bubbles land on your head.
The Dawn soap I added, was very STRONG smelling.
Very, very strong.
I would use a non-scented soap next time.

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  1. evan cracks me up. I do really love his little catch-phrases. and really, I may steal the fire one.


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