Friday, June 7, 2013

Cloches- Pinterest Style

I found this on Pinterest:

I loved this idea.

My problem, as usual, is follow through. I get 90% of the way through, then quit.

Oh well, you get the idea.

I decided to try going to Savers (which is similar to Goodwill) just to see what I could find.

I found gold. Used, cheap, previously owned, gold.

I found the two candlesticks and the dish at Savers.
Paid about $8 total for all 3.
The two bowls I bought at the dollar store.

I cheated.
There's no glue here.
Just magic.
Not sure how long it will last though...

I also cheated here and just filled it with junk I found around the house.
I didn't go shopping for beautiful birds nests or adorable little houses.
None of this actually makes any sense.
It's just crap.
I didn't put any knobs on the top of the glass bowls.
Mostly because I didn't have any.
And I haven't been to the store.
But, if you could close your eyes and pretend, that would be swell.
It's Friday and we are in the middle of having a garage sale right now.
I would be thrilled with this, if people were here to buy the stuff I thought would sell.
Instead, everyone is here, practically in tears because my husband already sold his toolbox and air compressor.
I'm selling some awesome stuff here!
Come on!
I have a table full of old toys that may be missing pieces or some random kitchen accessories from the 60's that have never been used.
Where are all my hoarders that buy crap?
I need you guys here.

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